I got into Joffrey’s Summer Intensive!

Think I’m going to be applying for the NYC courses, what summer intensives are you going to??

Why do you dance?
This blog has officially hit 500 dancerprobz!

It’s been such a blessing to be able to meet all these lovely dancers around the world, and to think that we’re all connected because of our passion for dance is unbelievable! I’ve grown so much from when I first started this blog, and it’s all thanks to your questions, comments, advices that I receive daily!

Thank you for being an avid supporter in this blog, and of course, continuing to develop your passion for dance. :-)

I would love to continue making more dancerprobz posts, and hit 1000 someday, eventually? Aha, in the meantime, keep submitting your ideas, ideas about any dance styles are welcome!



Tilt (Tuesday) Thursday! Finally got it whoo :-)

me again! 
Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I hadn’t decided to take my first dance class.
like this post if you post/reblog purely dance related stuff. :)
"I genuinely fear the day where I will have to stop dancing."