Photo from the Joffrey Ballet School’s NYC Intensive

Gonna be in New York and Boston for a week or so, then going to Joffrey NYC on June 29th for their summer intensive!

Hope you all have fun at your own summer intensives and get to learn, improve and grow as dancers. :)

Anonymous asked:
I've had all my splits down for awhile now but my kicks are still really low why is that and how can I fix it? thanks!

This may be because your hips are tight and the range of movement in your kicks will therefore be limited. A good exercise is to practice battement en cloche (battements swinging from front to back) to help open your hips. It doesn’t matter whether your working leg is straight or not, because you’re just increasing hip flexibility.

Other stretches to help hip flexibility include the butterfly and frog stretches. Another stretch is to lie down flat on your stomach, and have your legs in a grande plié in second position. If those aren’t already in your daily stretch routine, include them, and you should be able to see a difference in the heights of your kicks.

Good luck! :)

Anonymous asked:
how do you improve the arch in your foot?

Practice tendus and simple barre exercises that require you using the arch and metatarsals in your foot. Make sure you feel your foot brushing the floor because that will in turn use the muscles that will strengthen your arch.
Massaging the balls and soles of your foot will also help because it helps elongate the muscles in your foot. Massaging the Achilles’ tendon ((search it up it you’re unsure where it is)) will also help.

Some people may recommend using equipment like the ballet foot stretcher, but that only makes the arch of your feet look better, not the strength of it. In my opinion it’s better to have a stronger but smaller arch as opposed to a weaker but larger arch, because it’s much easier to minimize injuries if your feet are stronger.

Hope this helped :) x

Anonymous asked:
What do you think is too late to start dancing?

There is absolutely NO age where it is too late to start dancing. Dance is a form of creative expression and anyone of any age can take it up anytime! Being a professional dancer however, is a different thing because it is much more strenuous and there is more pressure to produce perfection, and for this reason younger people are more able-bodied to produce what is required.

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