Side note for Joffrey:

I also got into their ballet trainee year round program! But I’m not sure whether I should go for it or not because it’ll be a huge commitment, and I doubt my parents will allow me to study dance full time at the moment..

But still it is such a huge honour to be accepted into this program :’))

I got into Joffrey’s Summer Intensive!

Think I’m going to be applying for the NYC courses, what summer intensives are you going to??

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maddlewaddle asked:
How can I even out my splits fast as I am almost their with left and middle but am still way of the ground with right!!!! Please help

the only way is to stretch more and on a daily basis! you might find it useful as well to elevate your front leg on a dictionary or something and then push down into the splits :) remember to take deep breaths as well to relax into the splits, it allows a wider range of movement when you’re relaxed as opposed to when you’re tense. good luck!

I may or may not have just met Svetlana Zakharova?!???